Artist, author and songwriter

DC is a songwriter, artist and author born 1963 and raised in Matfors outside Sundsvall in Sweden. DC chosed for many years (1994) not to be part of the music industry. Since his restart in 17 August 2018 his songs have been played over 7 000 000 times on Spotify. The most famous song is “Don´t Come Knocking On My Door” he did together with the Small Town Pimps.
DC loves playing music with friends and new friends. He have made musical projects and songs with Lelle ”Bingo” Törnqvist, The sportcommentator Christer Jonasson, Pelle ”Boppers” Karlsson, Dansbandet Svänzons, Fredrik Muskos Projekt,  Jennifer Forss Moreno, Jonsson United, Grabbarna På Stan med Leif Andrée, Boris Collini, The Nightdrivers and The Small Town Pimps.

At his THURSDAY FRIENDS stage at Quality Hotel Aveny Sundsvall he´s performing with his band GWA:
Svenne Rubin, Bobby Cochran, Östen Eriksson, Per Persson, Sigge Hill, have been guests.

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