artist, author and songwriter.

Current with several newly written songs.
Solo and in various musical projects.
DC is part of the band The Great Western Alarm (GWA)
70 songs can be listen to at the Spotify Complete list. And on every other streaming service.

DC is a songwriter and artist born and raised in Matfors outside Sundsvall in Sweden.
DC chose for many years not to be part of the music industry. Now he is back as a songwriter and singer in his newly formed band Danny Cooltmoore And The Great Western Alarm.

Since his restart on 17 August 2018 his songs have been playing more than 5 000 000 times only on Spotify. The most famous songs are Don´t Come Knocking On My Door, Christmas Day, Sundsvalls Öl, Raggarbil.

DC loves musical projects and has recorded songs with The Small Town Pimps, The Nightdrivers, Boris Collini, Grabbarna På Stan, Jonsson United, Jennifer Forss Moreno and The Svänzons.

In 2022, a collaboration with Pelle Karlsson (previously with Jerry Williams and Boppers, among others) began. Those songs will be released with starting in 2023.