Songs that might be recorded in a future.

English songs
I Havent Seen You In A Long Long Time
Love Me For A Few Days More
Dont You Worry About A Thing
Bring A Little Sunshine In To My Life
Only The Train
Girl I Need Somebody To Love
Honey Don´t You Cry
You Can Always Trust The Lord
Where Is Mary
Take Me Home
Shadows On The Wall
From My Window To Your Heart DC & GWA (Christmas song)
Beautiful Day
Violins In The Sky
Home Sweet Home
4 Ways
Is It Different Stars
Where Is That Woman
Break It All Up
So Many Reasons
There Will Always Be A Tomorrow  Day
She´s My Million Dollar Baby
Sunshine And Love
Here Comes Gloria
Play Me One More Song Danny Cooltmoore
You Know I Want You
It Is Cold Tonight
Shadows On The Wall
Are You Sure
My Life
Turn Out The Light
Get To Know Me
Time To Move On
Roses In Our Bed
Baby Don´t You Worry Now
I Wanna Be Where The Girls Are
Joey Charlton Cox And Me
When My Girlfreind…..
Aint She Beutiful

Svenska låtar
Jag Vill Dansa
Senast Jag Såg Dig Marita
Kom Kom
Jag Går På Mina Händer När Benen Inte Bär
Tiotusen Frågor
En Dunk I En Trunk
Sundsvalls Raggare

(It´s Just Been Over Me Lately)
(Good Old England You Know)
(Mera Pite Palt)